The MSc Programme in Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (APPLY) trains aspiring field and simulation engineers, R&D specialists and future industry managers in the field of applied Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Participants develop, apply and share knowledge in the cross-field between Engineering, Mathematics, Physics and programming in High Performance Computing. To do so, they are educated in courses strongly related to real problems of various industry sectors including aerospace, automobile, energy and environment.

Also, the MSc Programme:

  • organises industry placements in relevant businesses, government agencies, etc.
  • offers digital learning, to allow modern, self-paced forms of learning, as well as to enable contribution from experts across the globe in the development of the program.
  • promotes cooperation, exchange of know-how and good practices in the subject area between EU and Asian Higher Education Institutions.
  • establishes viable synergies and links with the regional industry in order to address their needs in specialized personnel and enhance the employability of APPLY graduates.
  • contributes to local economic growth, by providing to program participants the right knowledge/skills/tools to turn the local engineering sector into a driver of social and economic growth.