D3.1       APPLY courses – learning material

D3.2       Training Workshops in Asia

D3.3       Online training of academic personnel in APPLY VLE

D3.4       Common framework report for the establishment of  “APPLY Labs”

D3.5       APPLY Info days in partner countries

D3.6       Report on internship programmes

D4.1       Accreditation report of developed curricula in partner countries

D4.2       Toolkit for the evaluation of the APPLY program

D4.3       Delivery of the APPLY programme in partner countries

D4.4       Interim APPLY programme delivery evaluation report

D4.5       Final APPLY programme delivery evaluation report

D5.1       Quality Board

D5.2       Quality assurance Plan

D5.3       Periodic QA reports

D5.4       Final Impact and Evaluation Report

D6.1       Dissemination Plan – download button

D6.2       APPLY Website

D6.3       Stakeholders analysis

D6.4       Portfolio of dissemination material

D6.5       APPLY Final Conference

D6.6       Exploitation and Sustainability Plan

D7.1       Technical Coordination

D7.2       Administrative Coordination

D7.3       Contingency Planning & Conflict Resolution

D7.4       Project reports

D7.5       Consortium Agreement

D7.6       Coordination and Communication Platform