Environmental aspects of the APPLY project


Landfill fires are common incidents in waste disposal sites, and, although most of the incidents are small fires or rapid [...]

MUJ’s Chemical Department has recently published the work on “Analysis of flow behavior of cohesive monosized spherical and non-spherical particles in screw feeder”


Screw feeders are extensively used in agriculture and processing industries to transport bulk material at relatively controlled rate. The flow [...]

Design improvement of CO2 supply system in PFAL


Modern agriculture is classified to new Industrial sector. However this industrial area till faces an experience about lack of technology. [...]

Chaing Mai University started to develop particle capture tower


 In Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific region, haze episode has become a seasonal occurrence during the dry season. Wildfire and [...]

VIT Vellore develops 4 Wheeled E_kart with Thermal Management of Batteries using CFD technique


Electric vehicles have come in picture nearly after 100 years after their first invention. This is due to the fact [...]

Computational Fluid Dynamics applications in the Industry


Aerospace and aeronautical industries: CFD is an integral part of the aerospace and aeronautical industries, as it provides a cost […]