Design improvement of CO2 supply system in PFAL

Modern agriculture is classified to new Industrial sector. However this industrial area till faces an experience about lack of technology. it needs lots of technology development specifically innovation of Plant factory with artificial lighting (PFAL) which is plant cultivation in indoor or closed system with environmental control such as air temperature, humidity, water, carbon dioxide, light and nutrient including combined with IOT system for data monitoring and analysis. Thus a research project that corporates between Smart farming laboratory located at Faculty of Engineering, Naresuan University and Argolab being an agriculture Technology Company has established to develop a new carbon dioxide supply system for a small PFAL.

Argrolab is a company doing research and technology development for environmental control systems and equipment of PFAL, Greenhouse and vertical farming. The company has developed a small PFAL with environmental control system. However the carbon dioxide supply system is required for design improvement. This issue leads to the corporation for developing a proposal of master thesis in Mechanical engineering program advised by Asst. Dr. Kwanchai Kraitong who is a member of NU APPLY staff. The thesis aims to improve CO2 distribution in small PFAL using CFD technique. ANSYS software supported by APPLY project will be used as main tool in this study.