APPLY Course Design

The MS in Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics (APPLY) is an intensive full-time Master degree program aiming to educate aspiring engineers and managers in the end-to-end value chain of applying research and development process and practices in CFD area: from understanding the needed elements of Mathematics, Physics, modelling and programming, to fully apply CFD tools and practices in industry at large.

The APPLY Consortium has designed the MSc Course in Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics to consist of 6 Core and 11 Elective modules.

The MSc Course is organized in three (3) semesters / 18 months, for a total of 90 ECTS, 30 ECTS for each semester. More specifically, the structure of this master will be:

  • 36 ECTS core courses
  • 24 ECTS elective courses
  • 10+20 ECTS Internship/Master thesis

Both courses types, core and elective, are 6 ECTS

Course design was based on partners’ expertise and exchange and on the results of APPLY WP1 “Identification of Similar Curricula and Needs Assessment in the Subject Areas”.